About Us

Franco Alessandrini begins as an apprentice engraver in the 50s at workshops of Pesaro, where he began to learn the secrets of an ancient and fascinating art: the Carpentry.

In the early ’70s, along with other partners, he founded a company in Fermignano once industrialized production in the cabinet, and settled in one of the first buildings of what will become one of the most important industrial areas of the province of Pesaro and Urbino.

In 1975, driven by the desire to work a product of better quality than that of a large-scale production, it opens the actual Company “Mobili D’Arte” to works directly to the end customer, but gradually established partnerships with important companies and groups of high range italian furnitures.

Over the years, the company develops gradually, with a steady growth of the organization and specialization of labor: it has opened a new facility, which has been inserted new computer and technological part of the production of the product, keeping as a point firm’s own make consistent quality.

In the ’90s Franco is joined by his sons Michele and Federico to whom he passed on his passion for woodworking and now feed the creative spirit and entrepreneurial skills that have always characterized the activity.

Franco Alessandrini negli anni '60 Intaglio Vecchia sede Alessandrini Michele, Franco e Federico Alessandrini